Film / Theatre

TV ONE presents, Thou Shalt Not Season 1 Episode 9 - Starring Cross Thompson

Ain't no love like a mothers love [stage play]

Life According to Rasheeda 2 [Film]

Water With a Slice of Lemon

[Release date 2018]

Release Date: 2017 - TBA

"Boss 2" - Cross's role in the movie Boss 2, is one of the drug king pins top goon.  Mario (Cross) protected the drug king pin while he was locked up, and was promised high paying criminal work on the streets once he was released.  Now that Mario (Cross) is out he's back on the streets protecting one of Washington, DC's top rated drug dealers who's out for revenge on the folks who put him behind bars in the first place.

Sheets of Deception



Misconception of a Father [Film]

My Fathers Keeper

[stage play]

"Unseen Presence" - Cross's role in the the stage play Unseen Presence, is about a man's one night stand with a woman (Ebony, played by Lanae Gray) who he knew nothing about.  The woman turns out pregnant, and both individuals must now attempt to raise a daughter in the midst of being complete strangers.  Situations began taking a turn for the worst when Ron (Cross) loses his job and is unable to provide financially for their newborn child.  The childs mother (Ebony) begins to use their child as pawn in an attempt to pursue a loving relationship with Ron (Cross) that was never there to begin with.  When she's rejected she begins to mentally abuse Ron (Cross) and keeps their child out of his presence for not wanting to be in a committed relationship with her (the mother).   

Release date: June 18, 2016 - Howard Theater

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